Stories from the Ashtray.

A collection of short stories, told during
bar nights over cigarettes and beer.

This work was the second, practical part of my Bachleor Thesis, both created together within a span of 6 weeks.
My written thesis The beauty of profanity, how we percieve comics, original name "Die schönheit des Profanen–Wie wir Comics Wahrnehmen",  describes the history of comicbooks in germany, and the perception of comics to the reader. 
The book "Stories from the ashtray" contains 30 short stories of events I´ve personally experienced.
Tonalities vary rom funny to sad to more and more serious, metaphorically shown by aslowly filling ashtray
within the chapters, refering to the ongoing night, beer consumption and growing openness of the speakers.
Some chapters are sad, some are funny and many simply ask questions to think about.
It is not predictable, just the way life tells its stories.


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The story is now free to read on Webtoon and turning into an ongoing series with weekly new updates.

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The taste of chemo and love for children

Waiting for my subway early morning, until a strange shivering woman came towards me...

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Black Vanilla

A young girl in love with the color black and confused with like-minded people


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Stories from
the ashtray

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