Boettger Zucker

Boettger sugar is a well known company, looking for a new way to represent themselves, within the negative perception of sugar. The goal was to create a design, look and campaign that would shift the general thoughts of sugar into a more elegant and luxurious element. 

My Idea was to portray the company as a brand that identifies with design. By that I have created a minimalistic logo in a simple black and white tonality throughout the elements. Especially emphasized within the package design. Its first collection holds the standard, crystal and liquid sugar. The small triangular package are created as give-aways and the mid sized as design exclusives which are special to look at and great to hold and dose. They can be arranged as stars on tables in flagship stores and grab the eyes of the art-interested, which is the customer we are looking for.  The claim „sugar meets design“ emphasizes its connection to the art.

But not only packages should push the perception of sugar into design and art culture. Next to its design, posters and website, the brand will present itself within museums and sponsor architectural and design related events, in order to become fully connected as a cultural design based brand. Ideally also hosting design competitions for exclusively designed flagship stores, cooperating with masters of the industry.